Better Entertainment Options in Wichita?

Tired of the Same Old Options for Entertainment In Wichita?

Spectator reacts with amazement as he unwittingly pulls off what is considered one of the greatest card tricks of all time.

Spectator laughs in astonishment at his own abilities during a demonstration with playing cards during a recent Mastermind Show.

When it comes to “going out” in and around Wichita, do you find yourself limited to these three options–food, drinks, and live music?  For some people, just getting the chance to get away from work and have a few adult drinks is enough of a break from the rat race that it is considered sufficient entertainment.  For others, wanting to see and do something that is different and fun with their friends is par for the course; but they often find themselves gathered together wondering the same old thing–well, where are we going to go THIS TIME?

While Wichita really does have a number of great things to see and do on any given weekend, the options exhaust themselves fairly quickly if you are the type of person that likes to go out more than once a month. There is a fairly active live music scene, a seemingly endless number of bars, pubs, and restaurants, and definitely enough movie theaters. There is even a pretty active live theater scene, including a cabaret such as Roxy’s and a comedy club called “The Loony Bin” which is now known as “Live at 215 Performance Theater.” They feature headlining comedians each week who are nationally known, as well as some lesser known comics and local talents.

There is a solution to this problem.  Scour the internet, newspapers, and other media for things to do in Wichita that you’ve NEVER done before, or perhaps something you haven’t done in a long time, and then GO OUT AND DO IT!  Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, get off of your duff and go and try it anyway!  It’s not that there isn’t enough to do in Wichita, it’s that many people aren’t willing to go out and try anything new or are too wrapped up in their preconceived ideas of what they think they’ll enjoy and quit before they’ve even started.  If this describes you in any way, then consider this your “call-to-action” to make a change TODAY!

The following list of events and venues that regularly have great entertainment is a great place to start.  There are over 20 different live theater venues and organizations alone, but a few are mentioned here:

Mosley Street Melodrama Logo

Moseley Street Melodrama 

A hilarious and highly interactive theater experience. Don’t expect to just go and sit back and watch a show, however; some of the characters find their way off of the stage and right into your lap!  Adult humor.

Loony Bin Comedy Club at the Live at 215 Performance Theater

The Loony Bin at the Live At 215 Performance Theater

Headlining comics from all across the U.S. grace the comedy club of Wichita for a full evening of laughs every week of the year.

Wichita Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare in the Park  

Remarkable shows put on by some of the hardest working actors in town, performed outdoors in beautiful weather (usually).  The shows are free of charge, but donations are accepted.

Botanica Wichita Gardens

Botanica–the Wichita Botanical Gardens.

Now before you men roll your eyes at this, you would be surprised at just how great the regular weekly concerts are out there.  Each week there’s a “Tuesdays On The Terrace” where for a very modest fee you can have a great dinner and drinks in their huge outdoor patio and hear live music that is fantastic without blowing your wigs off.  This is great for getting fresh air, eating, drinking, and being merry with your friends.

Wichita Community Theater

Wichita Community Theatre

If you’ve never attended a show here, you have definitely missed a great evening of entertainment!  Now celebrating their 70th year, the Wichita Community Theater puts together some of the best live shows in town.  Every show has a completely different set design, layout, and cast of characters that will have you laughing, crying, and wondering why such talented people are HERE IN WICHITA and not starring in roles on Broadway.  This is a real gem tucked away in the city of Wichita.  It is a non-profit organization that also welcomes anyone who wants to volunteer to help put productions together.  Can you act?  Do carpentry?  Electrical work? Sew costumes? Paint? There’s always plenty of work to do!

Forum Theatre Company

The Forum Theatre Company

A professional theatre company in Wichita.  A great variety of performances put on by professional actors who travel the country performing. Located in the Wichita Scottish Rite Temple.

Music Theatre of Wichita

Music Theater of Wichita great venue for seeing some of the greatest musicals of all time.

Wichita's Guild Hall Players

The Guild Hall Players

The Guild Hall Players is a community theatre based at St. James Episcopal Church in Wichita, KS. presenting quality productions of plays and musicals that prompt both the artists and the audience to consider issues of Faith and Reason.

Wichita's newest and most extraordinary LIVE show.

The Mastermind Show

No list would be complete without a shameless plug for our own show.  This is Wichita’s newest and most extraordinary live show.  If you’ve never seen a mentalist before, then you’re in for a fun and amazing evening.  The Mastermind Show is a full-evening (90 minute) mindreading show, loaded with humor and plenty of audience participation.  Curtis The Mentalist demonstrates his unusual ability to read minds, influence people’s decisions and actions, and draw pictures that people are merely thinking about!  Can he really read minds or is it a clever psychological trick?  Does Curtis know what you’re thinking?  Bring your tin foil hats and come and see for yourself.  Tickets available online at

This only scratches the surface of the numerous live performance venues that exist in Wichita outside of the restaurant, club, music, and drinking scene.  If you are looking for a solution and better entertainment options in Wichita, those listed above are some of the best.  Changing your routine is up to you.

Get out and experience some of the best and most amazing live entertainment that you didn’t even know existed!





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Curtis Waltermire is a professional mentalist, magician and keynote speaker based in Wichita, KS. He has performed on stage and in various venues for both corporate and private clients for many years and is known for performing the world's most unique blindfolded car drive, as well as his remarkable thought-reading demonstrations. He has been entertaining audiences throughout the United States since the late 1980s.

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